Ilhan Omar isn’t a nice person. As a Democrat legislator, she’s virtually worthless. As a bombthrower, she’s a high profile bombthrower. In terms of thinking she’s accountable to anyone, she’s disgusting.

Ilhan Omar is the portrait of Democrat hubris. This Fox9 article provides proof of Omar’s hubris. Doing his worst impression of Esme Murphy, Fox9’s Theo Keith tried questioning Omar about her alleged affair. When he tried asking those questions, Omar’s bodyguard pinned him to the wall to prevent him from getting close to Omar. When Rep. Omar, a Democrat who represents Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, was asked by Keith about the alleged affair, Omar replied “They’re stupid questions. Do you understand what ‘no comment’ means?”

That’s the ultimate in hubris. Rep. Omar isn’t just a headache to Democrats in DC. She isn’t just the worst anti-Semite in Congress. She’s a nasty person who apparently thinks that she can do whatever she wants without having to explaining herself. Check this out:

It’s shameful that Omar thinks that it’s ok to have her staffers intimidate reporters. Democrats complain that President Trump bullies the press with his statements. Why won’t Democrats call out their legislators who physically intimidate reporters?

This is a black eye for WCCO and Esme Murphy, too. She interviewed Omar but she didn’t attempt to push Omar on the subject of the alleged affair. Keith pushed the subject so far that it took a staffer getting physical with him to stop him from holding Omar accountable. Keith did what a real journalist does. He demanded accountability.

At this point, it isn’t difficult to see Murphy just mailing it in while she glides into retirement. It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what she’s doing. Then, too, she’s always been known as a traditional interviewer. She interviewed me once in 2008 in the closing days of the campaign. She was ok then but she asked me very basic questions. She didn’t go beyond one question per subject. I can’t imagine doing an interview without asking a follow-up.

If WCCO and the rest of the high profile Twin Cities media want to be taken seriously, they need to ask hard-hitting questions, then ask hard-hitting follow-up questions, too. They need to follow this procedure consistently for Republicans and Democrats alike. That’s what’s required of real journalists. Then again, the chance of them doing that isn’t high but it’s a worthwhile goal to push them towards.

The chances of pushing the Twin Cities media into being actual news reporters isn’t high. I’d say it’s about the same as the chances of the DFL politicians getting rid of their hubris or of the DFL politicians thinking that they’re accountable to anyone.

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  • eruc z says:

    A formal FEC complaint has been made, if not multiple ones. The sensible approach is to let the system process it, and await findings and conclusions. Other complaints in other venues may be lodged, even federal or state litigation. But flogging away to gin up the base is excessive. At a guess the district’s voters will reelect Omar, even if complaints remain pending into November, 2020. Not that anyone’s voice in complaint should be silenced. Just that repetition gets stale. Remember the Wardlow-Andrew Parker-Monahan bit about the non-existent video and how that worked out. Patience is a virtue.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, this isn’t about ginning up the base. We’re already excited enough to run through walls for Trump AND for dethroning Queen Nancy. This really is about calling out Omar’s hubris. The thought that she thinks that the rules don’t apply to her is pretty galling.

  • Gary Gross says:

    BTW, I wanted to take time & welcome you back. You went a long time without commenting. It’s good having you back & offering your opinions, even though we disagree quite often.

  • eric z says:

    Thanks Gary. “Running through walls” is a figure of speech, right? They say Biden fans will run through a confetti drop, but their credit cards at fundraisers are Joe’s target. He may fade, he may be the endorsed candidate at convention time. Either way, if you know anybody really excited about Biden possibilities, please let us readers know. Joe seems low energy [your guy’s term] about Biden possibilities, but somehow he is gaining funds.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Yes, it is, Eric. It’s a different way of saying that they’re highly motivated. As for enthusiastic supporters, one of the campaign trail correspondents at FNC was in Iowa for their state fair coverage. Lawrence reported that he interviewed dozens of supporters but they were about as enthusiastic as Jill Biden’s endorsement.

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