Just when you thought that things might return to normal at Minnesota’s Department of Human Services, another high-ranking official resigns. This resignation is different in that it’s the re-resignation of a former employee who returned to work only to resign again. Got all that? I didn’t think so. Suffice it to say that HHS is a department in disarray.

This article should help you figure out what’s going on:

Claire Wilson, deputy commissioner of the Department of Human Services, will leave the agency on Friday, according to an internal email sent to employees. Wilson, along with her fellow deputy commissioner Chuck Johnson, resigned last month from the agency but then rescinded their resignations after a new commissioner took over.

Acting DHS Commissioner Pam Wheelock convinced the two deputies to stay after Commissioner Tony Lourey and his chief of staff, Stacie Weeks, resigned. All of the leaders had resigned without public explanation.

I don’t have high hopes that this department will get fixed anytime soon, if at all. As I wrote here, the incoming commissioner seems to think that the Department is doing good work. It’s impossible to fix a problem until you admit that there’s a problem. Jodi Harpstead doesn’t think that there’s a problem.

I’m betting that Claire Wilson is thankful that Friday is her last day. With all the turmoil and controversy swirling around within the Department, I’m betting that she’d rather just move on.

I can’t blame her for wanting to leave.

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