President Trump doesn’t need my unsolicited advice on China. Still, that’s what I’m about to offer the Leader of the Free World. President Trump needs to know that the American people stand with him against China’s predatory trade practices. President Trump also needs to know that, like him, we understand that these negotiations require a long-game approach. Finally, President Trump needs to know that we’d value him calling China’s BS as spin.

Recently, China’s vice premier said something truly insulting when he said “We welcome enterprises from all over the world, including the United States, to invest and operate in China. We will continue to create a good investment environment, protect intellectual property rights, promote the development of smart intelligent industries with our market open, resolutely oppose technological blockades and protectionism, and strive to protect the completeness of the supply chain.”

What a crock! That statement shouldn’t be left to stand. It’s insulting to people who’ve had their intellectual property stolen by the Chinese government.

Mr. President, thanks for letting China know that you won’t hesitate in pushing China’s economy to the brink. This toughness is affecting businesses but it’s worth it, but only if we get a fair deal from China.

Mr. President, while you’re fighting the Chinese on trade details, I’d throw this information back in the faces of your domestic political enemies:

The market is now dominated by fears of a portending U.S. recession, although the American economy is actually holding up, and much of the U.S. economy is made up of consumption, Innes said. If interest rates come down, he added, consumer spending is likely to go up, working as a buffer for the economy.

Yes, this trade war is affecting the economy. Capitulating, though, will only make things worse. If we blink, China will be emboldened. That isn’t what we want. Personally, I’d prefer keeping the pressure on China’s throat until they capitulate.

Finally, Mr. President, I’d highlight what James Roberts said in this interview:

Are these trade wars causing a slowdown? Without question. Are they pushing us into a recession? Let’s put it this way — there’s a better chance that the anti-Trump media will try pushing the US economy into a recession than there is of the US-China trade war pushing us into a recession.

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