After reading this monthly column, which wasn’t particularly well-written, I went to the comments section to see what foolishness was buried there. John Ellenbecker’s comment is instructive. Let’s pick it apart.

First and foremost the 1st Amendment is a limitation on the government, it IS NOT a limitation on citizens or the private sector. The government has made no attempt to shut Trump up. Second – none of us are trying to shut Trump up. We want him to keep talking and tweeting – it tells the world who he really is.

I agree with Mr. Ellenbecker that the First Amendment is supposed to be “a limitation on the government.” I further agree that it isn’t supposed to be “a limitation on citizens or the private sector.” That statement is a bit surprising for a Democrat. I thought Democrats hated the Citizens United ruling.

What I don’t agree with is the part where Mr. Ellenbecker said that the “government has made no attempt to shut Trump up.” While that’s technically true, it’s also true that Joaquin Castro emphatically stated that he wanted President Trump’s supporters to “twice about contributing to his campaign.” As a congresscritter, Joaquin Castro is certainly part of the government. Further, Rep. Castro’s stated intent was to silence President Trump’s supporters.

Call me crazy but I’m pretty certain that constitutes “a limitation on citizens.” It isn’t surprising that Democrats are using these tactics against people who don’t side with Democrats. Unfortunately, that’s a time-tested Democrat tradition.

2 Responses to “Lessons in the First Amendment”

  • eric z says:

    Attempts by other Representatives wanting to censure Rep. Omar seem to have been more of an intimidation effort than suggesting somebody’s contributors think twice. But that’s okay? Because of gender, or religion, or not liking what she’d said? Or a lower public office at issue? What?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Comparing the Democrats’ well-documented attempts to intimidate people with Republicans’ attempts to criticize anti-Semitism is laughable.

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