Apparently, there’s nothing that Sen. Elizabeth Warren won’t say to become the Democrats’ presidential nominee. Last night, Sen. Warren said that Friday was the fifth anniversary of the day “Michael Brown was murdered in Ferguson, MO.” As the Blaze said in its article, “this is a bald-faced lie.” Indeed it is. First, here’s Sen. Warren’s tweet:

Guy Benson got it exactly right, tweeting “This is shameful but expected.” Then the Twitterverse erupted with the perfect antidote, aka evidence:

Then there’s this:

Here’s more blowback through Twitter:

This isn’t surprising. It’s what I’d expect from hardline Democrat radicals like Sen. Warren. She’s had a history of lying throughout her political career. She’s lied about race before, too. That’s very extensively documented.

Add to that the fact that her policies would demolish the great economy that we’ve got. These questions must be asked:

  1. Why should we elect a politician that doesn’t support law enforcement?
  2. Why should we elect a politician who sees racism wherever she turns her eyes to?
  3. Why elect a socialist whose policies would demolish this great economy?

Even the frontrunners for the Democrats are socialists. This isn’t a matter of Democrats fighting between moderates and the far left. That fight is over. This is a fight between the extreme left and the far left.

Frankly, the Democrats’ presidential candidates are past the point of no return. They’re simply nuts.

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