I can’t feel anything except satisfaction knowing that Alyssa Milano was taken down a bunch of notches. Milano got taken down those notches by Angel Moms Mary Ann Mendoza and Sabine Durden. If you’ve never seen Mary Ann Mendoza in action, you’re living a deprived life. I was going to try and say something snappy that captured everyone’s attention but I realized that a video is worth a million words. This video, to be precise:

Then again, this video would work, too:

But I digress. A progressive, whether they’re an actress or a politician, can’t think for themselves. Also, they’re the ones telling us “This isn’t who we are as a nation.” (Like they’d know? Yeah right.)

Mrs. Durden blistered Milano:

“You do know that we have many children in America that have been separated from their parents because one or both broke the law?” she asked the actress. “Yes, imagine that: Someone paying the consequences of their actions and their families suffer because of it.”
“Thousands of American children have been forever taken from their families and will never be able to be reunited, hugged or kissed by their parents,” Durden continued. “So you just keep ignoring our tragedies and pain and try to persuade people that you actually care or have a real heart. No Oscar award for your poor performance.”

Mrs. Mendoza blasted Milano, too:

“The amount of children who are being trafficked is of no concern of hers,” Mendoza told Breitbart. “The percentage of trafficked children is so much higher than those separated. Thank goodness our Border Patrol men and women are aware of this and are helping those children whom Alyssa has never mentioned,” she added.

Then Mrs. Mendoza gave Milano a lesson in real activism:

Mendoza then issued a challenge to the actress in name only. “If she is truly concerned about the children, fight for the American children being raped by illegal aliens in our country,” she said. “Put your boots on and leave your home and go work at the borders with our Border Patrol agents for a week.”

Many thanks to Rusty Weiss And Jeff Dunetz at the LidBlog for finding the quotes.

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