All week, Democrat Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler has insisted that there was abundant proof that President Trump had committed one crime after another after another. Nadler and other Democrats on the Judiciary and Intel committees repeatedly made these accusations all week long. The thing that these Democrats didn’t provide was forensic evidence that substantiated their claims.

Repeatedly, we were told that the evidence was “hiding in plain sight.” Each time, we were left wondering what these Democrats were babbling about. If Democrats won’t state who committed the crime, what the crime is and what proof the Democrats have that will slam the door shut, then President Trump should simply laugh in the Democrats’ faces.

Part II of the report reads like a 175+ page Democrat op-ed. Nowhere does it cite specific evidence proving the commission of a crime. The ‘it’s hiding in plain sight’ test doesn’t work. As the old saying goes, “one lies and the other one swears to it.” In the US judicial system, that system doesn’t work.

Further, I’m tired of Democrats treating the Mueller (Weissman?) report as proof of anything. It isn’t proof of anything except the fact that some people wrote lots of things. The Mueller Report is totally one-sided. It’s a report that makes lots of allegations. I’ve yet to hear a single Democrat highlight a specific piece of evidence that proves obstruction of justice.

I suspect that’s because that proof doesn’t exist. Without that, the Democrats’ case crumbles like a cheap suit. If Democrats want to keep chasing their impeachment fantasy, that’s their option as committee chairs. If Democrats keep pursuing that option, they should start preparing their concession speeches for next November because they’ll lose in droves.

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