Friday night, Almanac’s political panel included Republicans Brian McDaniel and Fritz Knaak and Democrats Javier Morillo-Alicea (from the SEIU) and Kenza Hadj-Moussa of TakeAction Minnesota. A healthy portion of the discussion centered on President Trump’s statement at the rally in Greenville, NC, and whether he’s an authoritarian. While nobody attempted to defend the chant that arose from the arena, Morillo-Alicea tried making the point that Lindsey Graham’s statement the next day, to Mr. Alicea, smacked of “authoritarianism.”

During the discussion, Kenza Hadj- Moussa insisted that Rep. Omar, if that’s her real name, has a message “of hope.” That sounds like the statement that TakeAction Minnesota issued on Rep. Omar’s behalf. In that statement, here’s what they said, in part:

Either we stand together with unbreakable solidarity across race, class, gender and geography, and rise up to meet the challenges we all face. Or we allow hatred and cruelty to win the day.

Silence isn’t an option. We choose love, courage, and solidarity. Like Congresswoman Omar.

When Rep. Omar co-sponsors a resolution that would significantly hurt the Jewish people, is that an example of loving one’s neighbors? When she makes one anti-Semitic remark after another, is that another example of loving one’s neighbors? When she belongs to a group of women that accuses Nancy Pelosi of being a racist, I’m fairly certain we’re talking about bigoted people. Bigots aren’t capable of being loving, courageous people. TakeAction Minnesota’s statement is more myth than factual.

You can watch all of the DFL’s ridiculous statements in this video:

I was surprised beyond belief that Javier Morillo-Alicea accused Lindsey Graham of speaking like an authoritarian. That isn’t a stretch. That’s just outright BS.

Finally, TakeAction Minnesota organized Friday’s staged triumphal rally for Omar. The Twin Cities media covered it like it was spontaneous. It was staged. Go figure.

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  • Chad Q says:

    Maybe Ms. Omar should listen to what her supporters are saying to keep her butt out of trouble instead of trying to pass BDS legislation.

    If the MSM would do their job and investigate the claims against Ms. Omar, there’d be no reason to chant “send her home” because the laws of the US would kick her out of the country for her alleged illegal activities. If the DFL had any decency, they’d kick her out of the party just for the proven tax fraud. The ends always justify the means for the left though.

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