Chuck Schumer has tweeted that he’s visited Texas. In this tweet, Sen. Schumer announces that he’s in Texas with a group of Senate Democrats “to investigate, inspect, and evaluate conditions for migrants at facilities on the southern border.”

In this tweet, Sen. Schumer said something that’s undoubtedly true and another thing that I find impossible to believe:

I find it interesting that Sen. Schumer found it important to inform the world that “the vast majority of migrants coming to the United States are NOT criminals.” It only took 19 people to commit 9/11. Ever since that day, I’ve been wary of rationalizations that essentially say ‘the majority of people coming into the United States are good people.’

I don’t buy the notion that these are people fleeing danger. I’ve seen too many interviews with Border Patrol agents or chiefs that tell a dramatically different story than the spin that Sen. Schumer’s peddling. This video should be must viewing for people who want to get a true picture of what’s happening:

The truth is that most of the people fleeing Central American countries are fleeing failed economies and corrupt governments. The fleeing danger line is vastly overblown. I don’t know the figures off the top of my head but I’m betting that there are more criminals coming into through the southern border than there are people who get accepted as legitimate asylees.

One thing that comes through repeatedly is the line “These are human beings.” Sen. Schumer used it repeatedly in his tweets. He didn’t address the fact that these people were caught trying to get into the United States illegally. Sen. Schumer didn’t mention the fact that Congress could fix this problem with legislation that closes immigration loopholes, fixes the Flores decision and that tightens our asylum laws.

Go back to Rep. Chip Roy’s questioning of Kevin McAleenan. Specifically watch the part where Congressman Roy talks about fixing these problems with legislation that would fit onto “a single sheet of paper.”

Sen. Schumer should be ashamed of himself. He spent the entire day telling us things that we already knew while ignoring his responsibility for not fixing this crisis. Do Democrats think that they shouldn’t help fix this problem? Based on this tweet, Sen. Schumer apparently thinks that we don’t need any rules governing immigration:

In Sen. Schumer’s world, all that matters is that people want to come here so we should let them in. How do they elect people this corrupt? The next time you hear a Democrat tell you they care about border security, tell them that they’re liars. Not once did Sen. Schumer mention fixing border security in his tweets. Not once in his tweets did he say that Democrats should help fix our nation’s immigration laws. In this tweet, Sen. Schumer proposed new legislation:

So much for prioritizing border security. It’s now official. It’s impossible to take Democrats seriously on immigration and border security.

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  • Chad Q says:

    Easy way to stop the “inhuman” conditions at the border is to send them all back to their country of origin. The illegals are not fleeing danger or crime in their country; they are coming here because they know no one will stop them as long as they ask for asylum. Sorry your country sucks but America doesn’t need hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers, as we already have enough of our own sucking on the government teat. Close the borders to anyone and everyone until Congress either wants to uphold the laws or changes them.

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