Donald Trump Jr.’s op-ed insists that President Trump, his father, will be the biggest beneficiary of the Democrats’ escalating civil war. The Democrats’ escalating civil war is also known as the Democrats’ circular firing squad.

While the media pontificates over the moderates vs. the Squad, Americans have noticed that the House Democrats’ list of accomplishments isn’t lengthy or impressive. As Donald Jr. highlights, the Squad, aka AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, isn’t that interested in legislative accomplishments. At this point, they’re mostly interested in getting lots of air time on CNN and MSNBC or increasing their followers on social media.

That’s a stupid decision. People want Congress to do things that improve their lives. In his op-ed, Trump Jr. made an astute observation when he said “Democrats are more beholden to their activist class than to the majority of the American people. Whether voters like it or not, extremists such as Ocasio-Cortez, not Pelosi, are in charge of setting the party agenda.”

The pundits won’t admit this but the AstroTurf activists have run the Democrats’ agenda since, at minimum, 2011. Currently, the Democrats’ agenda is mostly driven by hate. It isn’t a secret that the Resist Movement is calling the shots. Their hatred of President Trump has driven them crazy. That’s what’s known as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Although Democratic leaders may take issue with the left wing of the party, the mainstream media and the 2020 presidential candidates have fully embraced the liberal agenda. In the most recent primary debate, all the Democratic candidates on stage supported providing ‘free’ health care for undocumented immigrants. Several candidates also support decriminalizing illegally crossing the border. Reparations for slavery and late term abortion are now considered the litmus test thresholds by the Democratic base as well. When far left Democrats are not calling their centrist members racist, they show off their ability to pander in Spanish.

Meanwhile, President Trump has a lengthy list of accomplishments to run. That’s in addition to his America First agenda items still to accomplish. When people watch the Squad say no to virtually everything on President Trump’s America First agenda, especially on immigration, they’ll notice that Democrats haven’t shown an interest in fixing problems.

Something that Donald Trump Jr. didn’t mention that’s worth mentioning is how little the Democrats on the Problem Solvers Caucus have done. Supposedly moderate, these Democrats have been virtually worthless. When a person hasn’t been productive, it’s often said that ‘I could count on one hand his accomplishments.’ In the Problem Solvers Caucus case, their accomplishments could be counted without hands. They don’t have any accomplishments. Like the other Democrat, they’re owned by the Resist Movement. They talk a moderate game but they don’t do a thing. This video provides proof of that accusation:

I don’t doubt that they’ve written health care legislation. Has it gotten a committee hearing? The answer is ‘it hasn’t’. Democrats will lose the House because the American people have seen that Democrats are all-investigations-all-the-time. Why would independents vote for people whose only goal is to harass the most productive president in our lifetime? He’s gotten a tremendous amount of things done despite the Democrats’ obstructionism.

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