This article highlights just how hair-brained the city of St. Louis Park, MN is. By now, the entire nation knows that St. Louis Park’s soon-to-be-replaced City Council voted unanimously to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of their meetings. The confusion and uproar started when “Council member Anne Mavity, who sponsored the rules change, told KARE 11 that she didn’t feel saying the pledge was necessary, especially for non-citizens.”

Amidst the uproar, KARE11 reported that the citizens attending Monday’s study session erupted in reciting the Pledge and chants of USA, USA!” Jon Lauritsen said the meeting “wasn’t intended to accept public input.” (Are you getting the impression that the City Council might be a bit out of touch? Don’t fight that impression. The St. Louis Park City Council is attempting to bend over backwards in its attempt to be seen as a “welcoming community.” These Democrats have started spinning as fact that the Pledge of Allegiance is polarizing. Read the Pledge for yourself, then determine whether it’s divisive or whether the City Council is divisive:

That’s the definition of divisiveness? Liberty and justice for all is divisive? Why would anyone think that the American flag is divisive? The Democrats on St. Louis Park’s City Council are simply spinning things. No right-minded person thinks that anything about the Pledge is divisive. That doesn’t mean that Ilhan Omar doesn’t think it’s divisive and probably racist, too. (St. Louis Park is part of Rep. Omar’s district.)

Lawrence Jones and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, (R-TX), asked some great questions tonight:

To the people of St. Louis Park, you have the opportunity to start cleaning out the sewer this November:

Term ends: January 2020

Based on what we’ve seen thus far, this mayor and this city council is really out of touch with their constituents. When that happens, it’s time to fire them. PERIOD.

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