Apparently, Democrats have adopted a take-it-or-leave-it approach to the border/asylum crisis. They’re forcing the Trump administration to either release illegal aliens or to create photos that ‘prove’ how heartless President Trump is. Fortunately, President Trump isn’t backing down. He isn’t settling for the Democrats’ open borders policies.

Until Congress fixes the asylum laws, the floodgates will remain open. Once the cartels identified the loopholes and the insane asylum laws, border apprehensions skyrocketed. Democrats point the finger at President Trump, insisting that it’s his policies have caused this crisis. Only a liar would try spinning things that way.

The truth is that Lindsey Graham has written legislation that will fix these problems. The question that remains is whether Democrats will support his legislation or whether they’ll stand in the way of progress. In the House, there’s little doubt but that Democrats will stand in the way of this crisis-fixing legislation. House Democrats have shown that they’re hardline obstructionists. They’ll be the minority party in January, 2021.

This article was written with the intent of painting the Trump administration into a corner. Unfortunately for these nitwits, it merely verifies as fact that we need to fix these laws. If we don’t do that, then we’ll have eternal overcrowding.

In light of tomorrow being Independence Day, it’s fitting for us to remember some important constitutional principles. The first constitutional principle that’s applicable is the principle of separation of powers. The executive branch can no more write new laws than the judicial branch can pass budgets or the legislative branch can give operational orders to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Changing the conditions in these detention facilities requires changing the laws. That can’t happen without congressional action. The Senate has taken action in the form of writing legislation. Their next step is marking the bill up in the Judiciary Committee. That will happen before the August recess. House Democrats have thrown cold pail of water after cold pail of water on legislation that would fix our asylum laws.

Therefore, the blame falls almost entirely on House Democrats. They haven’t offered any solutions. Instead, they’ve ridiculed the Republicans’ ideas. They’ve ridiculed people of faith, too. Thankfully, people like this pastor aren’t running away from the situation:

Until Democrats propose legitimate solutions, they should get ridiculed, then voted out of office. Until Democrats stop being lazy or obstructionists, they shouldn’t be given any official power.

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