Like their national brethren, the DFL is late in expressing outrage at what’s happening at our southwest border. As is often the case, the DFL isn’t offering solutions to the crisis. They’re just offering outrage. Shame on them for being the Do-Nothing Democrat Obstructionists. The DFL’s pattern is to blame Republicans after Nancy Pelosi refuses to negotiate in good faith will the crisis build to unprecedented proportions.

There are members of the DFL’s congressional delegation who are part of the Problem Solvers Caucus. Thus far, Rep. Phillips hasn’t presented a single proposal to fix what’s happening at the border. If the DFL is only about expressing outrage, then they’re utterly worthless. If they’re only about expressing outrage because they don’t want to do what’s right because President Trump is in office, then that’s worse by a country mile.

That’s the definition of being un-American. Republicans aren’t perfect but quite a few of them have stepped forward with legislation that would fix the immigration crisis, starting with Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Dan Crenshaw.

Thus far, no Democrats have stepped forward with a solution. Ken Martin, the chair of the DFL, has offered outrage, however:

Outrage won’t fix the crisis, Little Kenny. The next time you want to express outrage, couple it with a solution. You’d be amazed how good it feels to fix a crisis. (I thought I’d tell you since you obviously never fixed a crisis before.)

Meanwhile, AOC keeps getting pounded for her lies. Chairman Martin and the DFL have a solutions crisis. They really don’t have a solutions-oriented mindset. Consequently, I haven’t seen them provide solutions to the biggest issues of the day. Whatever you think of President Trump’s personality or tweets, it’s impossible to say he hasn’t fixed lots of things in his first half-term.

The economy is cruising. The world is getting safer. We’re becoming a net exporter of energy. We now control our destiny in terms of manufacturing our own things. If Democrats actually start working with Republicans on President Trump’s immigration agenda, I don’t doubt that they’ll fix that. If, however, Democrats continue being the obstructionist jerks that they currently are, we’ll have a border crisis until we fire Democrat politicians.

Ken Martin can spin that but he can’t deny it..

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