Antifa, this year’s progressive activists (there’s a new name each year, it seems), aren’t worried about playing fair. Altogether too often, Antifa has threatened people’s lives and injured people, all in the name of stopping fascists. What they didn’t notice is that Antifa are fascists. This weekend, these fascists attacked a conservative journalist named Andy Ngo.

There’s no time like right now to expose Antifa as the haters that they are. Here’s what happened this weekend in Portland, OR:

When is it fine for an all-white gang to assault an Asian American in broad daylight? When he’s a conservative journalist. Where is it fine to do this? Portland, Ore. How do you do it? By all means necessary.

The footage of Andy Ngo being ganged up on by black-clad, masked protesters in Portland shows the truth behind the cool slogans of radical chic. Ngo, a physically slight man, is punched in the face, has what appears to be a rock thrown at him when his back is turned, and is doused in milkshakes that, Portland police believe, contained cement mix, which can cause skin burns. It looks like a racist assault, but it’s alright, because they’re attacking a ‘fascist’.

There’s one other thing that’s missing from the article:

‘What’s the matter with Portland?’ Andy Ngo asked in Spectator USA last November, after being insulted and intimidated while he tried to cover an earlier Antifa demo. ‘Why did I, a Vietnamese-American gay journalist, receive this reaction from a self-described anti-racist social justice movement?’

That doesn’t matter to Antifa Democrats. Andy Ngo’s sin was that he tried to accurately report the truth. For Antifa and organizations like Media Matters, that’s enough to put Ngo on their hit list. This is Antifa in action:

Antifa ‘activists’ are the haters amongst us. They’re also cowards who aren’t brave enough to show their faces while they blind-side their targets.

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  • Gretchen L Leisen says:

    It is not far-fetched to compare today’s ANTIFA movement with the Ku Klux Klan of yester year. In earlier days white racists dressed in white robes and masks to attack black in their homes, their churches and in their schools. Today’s bullies are black-robed haters who will attack any person who is not a leftist hater like themselves or who is not a communist. The consistent trick they play is to accuse their opponents of the very actions that they themselves are guilty of. So that in reality it is the Antifa [ANTI-FAscists?] who are the fascists.

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