This CBS article tries making a big deal of Sen. Harris’s fundraising total for the first 24 hrs. after the debate. Frankly, it’s pathetic.

According to the article, “Sen. Kamala Harris raised $2 million in the 24 hours after the first Democratic debate on Thursday, according to her campaign. She received donations from 63,277 people, 58% of whom were new contributors. The campaign said it was its best online fundraising day yet. ‘We have momentum,’ said Lily Adams, the campaign’s communications director. Adams said ‘supporters across this country are fueling our campaign because they saw her empathy, her passion, and her direct focus on the issues that keep people up at night.'”

They’re highlighting a fundraising ‘haul’ of $2,000,000? In the 24 hours after his re-election kickoff, President Trump raised $14,800,000 for his campaign and another $10,000,000 for the RNC. By comparison, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Robert Francis O’Rourke raised a combined $18,300,000 in the first 24 hours of their campaign kickoff, with Biden raising $6,300,000, Bernie raising $6,100,000 and Beto raising $5,900,000.

For those of you who were taught math (or history) in California, Sen. Harris’s claim of momentum seems far-fetched. There’s no disputing the fact that she got the better of an old fart, aka Joe Biden, who shouldn’t be debating. Frankly, he’s slower than a turtle.

If Sen. Harris makes it to a debate stage against President Trump, she’ll get sliced and diced and cut into thousands of julienne fries. If Sen. Harris thinks that debating old farts will prepare her for debating President Trump, she’s kidding herself.

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