Apparently, the AOC wing of the Democratic Party isn’t too happy with the somewhat slightly less crazy wing of the Democrat Party, aka the Senate Democrats. There’s definitely some infighting between House and Senate Democrats, with House Democrats saying that Sen. Schumer wasn’t “able to hold his people” together. Senate aides said “They’re blaming everyone but themselves.”

The House Democrats are stupid if they think their bill had any chance of passing in the Senate:

The report recounted how Democrats had hoped to pass a more liberal bill that would have “eliminated funding for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement back pay as well as for Defense Department border operations” and “further tightened the administration’s ability to shift money around” in order to force Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for more concessions.

In what universe is not paying law enforcement for work that they’ve already done a plausible idea? Even if it’s a negotiating attempt, it isn’t something that’d get taken seriously. Sen. McConnell would’ve swatted that proposal aside in a New York Minute.

“The Senate Democrats did us a huge disservice. The benefit to having one chamber controlled by Democrats is you have people who can fight and win. But that requires the people in the minority chamber to also fight, even if they lose,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the Congressional Progressive Caucus chair whose demands reportedly “slowed progress” and rattled more conservative Democrats.

It’s time for progressives to realize that their agenda isn’t that popular. While their agenda might play well in New England and on the Left Coast, the progressives’ agenda doesn’t play well in Great Lakes states or the Rust Belt.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Democrats aren’t united like they were in 2018. Since taking the House majority, significant divisions have appeared. The AOC wing of the Democratic Party is definitely clashing with the Problem Solvers Caucus wing of the Democratic Party. This isn’t as much about ideology as it is about getting re-elected.

The Democrats in the Problem Solvers Caucus have pretty much done nothing except caved to Pelosi’s wishes on everything she’s told them to cave on.

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