For months, Nancy Pelosi insisted that the crisis at the border was either “manufactured” or the byproduct of President Trump’s bad policies. Truthfully, it wasn’t either. The crisis wasn’t just predictable. It was predicted.

Back in March of this year, then-DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified in front of the House Homeland Security Committee. At that time, Secretary Nielsen said “We face a crisis, a real, serious, and sustained crisis at our borders. Make no mistake: this chain of human misery is getting worse.” She was met with skepticism from Bennie Thompson, the new chairman of the committee. At that March 6 hearing, Chairman Thompson said that “he wanted to use the hearing in part to give Nielsen the opportunity to start a “serious discussion,” rather than echoing President Donald Trump’s claims of a security crisis at the border” before adding that “real oversight over the border was long overdue.”

After months of lying to the American people, Ms. Pelosi has now issued a statement that’s dishonest to its core:

For the children’s health, we must ensure higher standards for medical care, nutrition and hygiene. For the children’s safety, we must limit the number of days a child can spend in an influx facility to 90 days, and hold contractors to strong influx facility standards of care. For the children’s well-being, we must compensate faith-based and non-profit organizations and local governments that are meeting the needs of children.

For the children’s comfort, we must establish a migrant processing center pilot program which is culturally, linguistically and religiously appropriate for families and children. For the children, we must ensure accountability and transparency so we can know the truth: requiring that any death of a child be reported within 24 hours, that there be no advance notice required for a Member of Congress to visit a facility and that funding can only be used for the purposes specifically described in the bill.

Remember this golden oldie?

She wasn’t worried about “the children” back then. She was only worried about 800,000 government workers. The children were, at best, an afterthought. Now that it’s inescapable that we’ve got a legitimate crisis, Pelosi is doing the best she can to limit the political damage to her majority. The truth is that she only acts when she’s out of options politically. That isn’t an American value. That’s typical Democrat skullduggery.

There’s an old saying that reads like this: “Democrats will always do the right thing — when it’s the only option left.” Putting in a basket full of poison pills into the House bill helped it pass with a virtually partisan vote.

Speaker Pelosi isn’t a patriot. She’s a skunk in fancy clothes. She’s failed the trustworthy test more times than I care to count. If you want corrupt government that only acts when there’s a crisis, then vote for Democrats. If you want responsive (for the most part) that actually attempts to get ahead of a problem, then voting Republican is imperative. It’s that simple.

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