I won’t pretend that I like President Trump’s decision to postpone ICE’s deportation of illegal aliens who have already been evicted through the courts. However, I like the fact that President Trump has highlighted the Do-Nothing Democrats’ intention to do nothing in terms of illegal immigration.

According to the Democrats’ own words, “Trump is ‘trying to create leverage in a situation where he has none,’ adding that ‘it won’t work. Democrats aren’t going to compromise their values,’ the aide said. ‘He’s walked away from several deals on immigration. We have no illusions here.'” Those deals were political CYA. They weren’t solutions. They didn’t fix the broken asylum laws. They didn’t secure the border. The Democrats’ legislation fixed nothing while providing minimal political cover to Democrats.

Most importantly, when people start focusing their attention on this issue, they’ll notice that the Do-Nothing Democrats have stood in the way of fixing the problem. In my opinion, this will bite these Do-Nothing Democrats, aka Problem Solvers Caucus Democrats, in the arse.

The Democrats’ core principles are gaining political power, adding to that power, then maintaining that power for as long as possible. Thinking that Pelosi’s Democrats care about civil rights, public safety or law enforcement is beyond silly. There’s no proof that those things matter even slightly to Pelosi’s Democrats. If those things mattered, they’d address California’s homeless crisis, fix the borders and do everything possible to prevent another parent from becoming an Angel Parent.

Pelosi’s Do-Nothing Democrats haven’t tackled any of those problems. That’s what drove Candace Owens from the Democratic Party:

President Trump has tried getting Pelosi’s Do-Nothing Democrats to fix problems but they’ve been worthless. That’s their options but that decision will be costly. In my opinion, not fixing the crisis will cost Pelosi her Speaker’s Gavel in November, 2020. It’ll end lots of House Democrats’ political careers, too. That’s fine. If you aren’t part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. We need problem solvers.

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