After reading this article, I’m wondering if Mayor Pete’s presidential campaign is finished.

After an officer-involved-shooting, Buttigieg returned to South Bend, IN to deal with the crisis. Saying that he didn’t handle it well is understatement. According to the article, “2020 Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg is facing a crisis at home. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor cancelled several campaign events this week following a police-involved shooting that left a black man dead, and on Friday he returned to the city to address emotional protesters, with video of the confrontation going viral. The visibly angry crowd shouted at Buttigieg and questioned whether he believed ‘black lives matter.’ One protester asked if Buttigieg was ‘a racist.'”

Thus far, Buttigieg has had difficulty attracting African-American support. This crisis won’t make that job easier. During this protest, though, Buttigieg ‘acquired’ a new headache:

When Buttigieg told the crowd he did “not have evidence that there has been discipline for racist behavior” a protestor responded “You running for president and you expect black people to vote for you?” Buttigieg told her, “I’m not asking for your vote,” to which she replied, “you ain’t gonna get it either.”

If Buttigieg does poorly with African-Americans, he can kiss his chances at a future in the Democratic Party good-bye. He’s definitely in hot water with #BlackLivesMatter. If he doesn’t fix that, his future in politics will be limited at best. Notice the passion displayed in this videotape:

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