A month after Nancy Pelosi got the Speaker’s Gavel back, so-called moderate Democrats have been peddling the fiction that impeachment might cost Pelosi the Speaker’s Gavel again. While I certainly agree that wouldn’t be a net positive for Pelosi, it’s fiction to think that’s the Democrats’ only re-election problem.

That being said, this article does a fine job of painting Ms. Pelosi into a corner:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says she doesn’t want to impeach President Trump. But those words fail to convince. How can you not move to impeach a president who has engaged in a cover-up? How can you say that the man you refuse to remove from office belongs in prison?

Simply put, Pelosi’s Democrats have a problem. Their problem is that they’re trying to please multiple masters, something that the Bible explicitly cautions against. The MSM will attempt to hide this dilemma but it’s obvious they won’t be successful. Anyone with half a brain knows that Democrats are betwixt and between.

Still, impeachment is just one of the Democrats’ worries. There’s a crisis on the US-Mexico border that’s months beyond crisis stage. Democrats didn’t promise to fix that crisis. Still, Democrats formed the Problem Solvers Caucus to give people the impression that they wanted to fix things. Thus far, they haven’t done anything to fix the illegal immigration and national security crises.

The DC media, aka the Agenda Media, only keep track of who’s up or who’s down each week. Throughout the rest of the country, they pay attention to whether their lives improved or not. That’s beyond the DC Media’s comprehension.

Simply put, Democrats are angry, hate-filled people. They don’t fix crises. Finally, they’re unhinged because their Russia fiction witch hunt came up empty. If they want to go on a fishing expedition, they should do it on their own time. They’ve wasted enough of the taxpayers’ dimes on the official fishing expeditions.

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