It’s impossible to trust Neal Katyal’s spin-piece. It’s what you’d expect from an Obama official.

Katyal’s piece starts by saying “There are two big questions about the now-completed investigation into President Trump, and the answers will determine what happens next. First, why didn’t former special counsel Robert Mueller render a judgment on whether Trump had obstructed justice? And second, since Attorney General William Barr did render such a judgment, why isn’t that the end of the matter?”

Then the spinning starts:

The public appearances last week of Mueller and Barr answer both questions. We saw a hyper-careful special counsel who bent over backward to be fair to Trump. And we saw an attorney general who was acting as the president’s personal lawyer, not the lawyer for the American people.

Mueller explained in his news conference that he would not answer the obstruction question, just as his report didn’t answer the question except to say he could not clear Trump because the facts would not permit him to. Justice Department guidance held that he could not indict a sitting president, he said, so he did not reach a conclusion as to whether the president committed crimes. He said it would be unfair to attack someone as a criminal without indicting them because there would be no legal process for them to prove the accusations wrong. That didn’t mean Mueller was acting as some “angry Democrat” (a hard thing for a Republican to do, in any event), it meant he was being careful to protect Trump’s rights.

That last sentence is beyond laughable. Mueller trampled President Trump’s rights by insinuating that President Trump had to prove he was innocent when, in fact, he’s presumed innocent from the start. Supposedly, all Americans are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Mueller’s team of partisan hack (Democrat) lawyers tried finding a crime to try Trump on but they couldn’t find a crime that he committed. These partisan Democrats tried finding Trump guilty of conspiracy but failed. Then they tried finding Trump guilty of obstruction of justice but that didn’t happen. (That’s what happens when the defendant keeps cooperating with prosecutors.)

Katyal lied through omission in this interview:

Katyal omitted the fact that Mueller later issued a joint statement saying that the OLC memo didn’t play a factor in his decision. Further, Katyal omitted the relevant DOJ rule about prosecutors not holding press conferences to say that a defendant was almost indicted. That’s what Mueller did. Mueller all but directed the House to start impeachment proceedings.

That’s hardly the way to protect a person’s civil rights.

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