Yesterday, I wrote that the Twins’ winning ways were getting routine. Right now, the Twins are playing extremely solid baseball in all facets of the game. Yes, the MLB Network’s DJ can’t stop talking about the Twins hitting homeruns but that’s just part of the Twins story.

To be fair, the Twins have hit 104 homeruns in their first 52 games. They’ve tended to game-changers or back-breakers. Last week, the Twins hit 8 homeruns against the Angels in their 16-7 victory. That tends to get noticed. Fair enough.

Today, however, was a more typical Twins victory. They hit a pair of 3-run homeruns (1 would’ve been sufficient) in defeating the Chicago South Siders. Jake Odorizzi supposedly wasn’t feeling well so he took his misery out on the White Sox, yielding 1 hit and 1 walk over 5.1 innings while not surrendering a run. That dropped Odo’s ERA to 2.16 while pushing his won-lost record to 7-2. Thus far, he’s been the Twins’ most consistent pitcher this year. BTW, he struck out 9 hitters in those 5.1 innings.

The Twins bullpen wasn’t perfect but they were certainly solid, with Taylor Rogers and Tyler Duffey leading the way today. Duffey pitched 2 innings, giving up 3 hits and a walk while getting all 6 of his outs with strikeouts.

Today was the Twins’ second straight sellout. They’re definitely enjoying themselves, just like the Twins players are having fun. Leading the AL in RBIs and homeruns is fan favorite Eddie Rosario. Here’s his interview with FSN’s Audra Martin:

This Twins team reminds me an awful lot of the 1991 Twins team. That year’s team featured key free agent signings Jack Morris, Chili Davis and Mike Pagliarulo. This year, the Twins added C.J. Cron through waivers, then signed free agents Nelson Cruz, Johnathan Schoop and Marwin Gonzalez. None of these players were headline-grabbers like Manny Machado or Bryce Harper. They’re just great fits with this Twins team.

Finally, the number of unsung heroes continues to grow. When Cruz and Mitch Garver went on the IL (injured list), people wondered if the Twins offense would suffer. It’s understatement to that the Twins offense hasn’t skipped a beat since their injuries. Today’s unsung hero was catcher Jason Castro. Castro called a fantastic game & was steady behind the plate in terms of framing pitches. It isn’t surprising to me that he’s such a valuable piece to the Twins’ winning puzzle.

Go Twins!

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  • Chad Q says:

    Just think what Molitor could have done with the same tools Rocco has. Too bad they (Falvey and Levine) forced Molitor to fail just so they could get their guy in.

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