Every year, newspapers across Minnesota write articles with headlines decrying the lack of transparency in final budget negotiations. This year, the first article I’ve seen on the subject was published by the Pi-Press.

The Pi-Press’s article offers the headline “Secret budget talks at Capitol leave nearly everyone frustrated and in the dark, again” as though this is newsworthy. It isn’t. It’s as newsworthy as reporting that the sun is expected to set in the west — again. The article opens by saying “It wasn’t supposed to end this way — but they say that every year.”

Then it continues, saying “Gov. Tim Walz, Republican Senate Leader Paul Gazelka and Democratic House Speaker Melissa Hortman have offered no real details of their plans and didn’t have a budget deal Saturday afternoon. If they get one soon, politicians and staff will have to scramble to finish their work and will likely need a marathon special session to approve thousands of pages worth of budget bills.”

Part of negotiating is trying to get the upper hand on the guys you’re fighting with. That guarantees grandstanding in the early stages of the negotiations. Thanks to former Gov. Dayton, the end-of-session isn’t considered the true end-of-session. It’s usually thought of as the point when negotiations get serious. Thanks to Gov. Dayton, we can pretty much predict that the DFL will be utterly obstinate.

The DFL is still insisting on raising Minnesotans’ taxes by a total of $12,000,000,000 over the next 4 years. They’re frantically publishing tweets like this:

Here’s another frantic, dishonest tweet, too:

Then there’s this:

It’s stunning that the DFL insists that they aren’t listening to special interest organizations:

What else would you call a lengthy list of special interest organizations? The truth hurts. Deal with it. It isn’t the GOP’s fault that the DFL is the party of snow flakes.

2 Responses to “Another anti-transparency article”

  • J. Ewing says:

    Here is an undeniable truth for you: Compromise is never the right solution to ANYTHING. One side is always closer to the right answer than the other, so anything in the middle is partly wrong. In this case, one side wants to tax and spend $12 billion more than the State currently has, and the other wants to spend only what we have. There is no compromise here! What would it be, $6 billion more in taxes and spending than what is needed to run the State and fund all the necessities? I hope the government shutdown gets blamed on Walz and the DFL, for a change. It is the only sane outcome.

  • Chad Q says:

    DFL compromise: Give us everything we want and you get nothing.

    If government health care recipients are not “special interests”, then businesses who come to lobby or protest for lower taxes should not be called “special interests” either. When healthcare becomes a right, no one will get health care. I’m not wealthy and have health care. I thought Obamacare was going to make health care more affordable and accessible yet we continue to spend more and more tax money paying for those who can’t work or refuse to work, so they can get health care.

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