It’s safe to say that the DFL House majority isn’t interested in keeping Minnesota competitive with other states. This DFL majority is intent on raising a whole host of taxes. This AP article highlights the latest DFL partisan vote to raise taxes.

It says “The 74-58 vote on the $7.2 billion package fell mostly along party lines. Majority Democrats stressed during several hours of debate that began Friday the need for a stable, dedicated source of revenue to make badly needed road and bridge improvements. Their proposal would raise the gas tax by a nickel per year for four years for a 70% total increase from the current tax of 28.5 cents per gallon.”

Later, the hammer dropped:

Minority Republicans countered that the state already has plenty of money to spend on transportation from existing revenue streams and a projected $1 billion budget surplus. They also pointed to a recent Department of Revenue analysis that found the tax increase would fall hardest on low- and middle-income residents, and said it would make driving more expensive for all Minnesota motorists.

Of course, Dan Wolgamott, my DFL representative, voted the way he was told by DFL Speaker Melissa Hortman told him to. Thus far in his brief legislative career, Wolgamott has voted for billions of dollars of tax increases. It’s apparent that Wolgamott, like his DFL puppet masters, intend on hurting taxpayers. It’s clear that the DFL views taxpayers as ATM machines.

There’s an old saying about how differently Republicans and see the world. It’s said that Democrats see every day as April 15th while Republicans see each day as the 4th of July. This article does nothing to dispel that perspective.

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