Yesterday, I wrote this post that highlighted how progressive hacks have gotten pretty much everything wrong in predicting the trajectory of the US economy. Andy Puzder’s op-ed does a fantastic job highlighting what’s actually happening with the economy.

Puzder wrote “This is no ‘sugar high’ for the U.S. economy. To the great shock and disappointment of liberals who have been desperately hoping for an economic downturn, the U.S. economy once again blew away expectations, recording a 3.2 percent GDP growth rate in the first quarter of this year. Even MSNBC described the quarterly growth as ‘extraordinary.'”

Here’s what’s really happening:

Liberals have been predicting an impending recession for months. Frustrated with the obvious success of President Trump’s sweeping middle-class tax cuts, which they had claimed would result in ‘Armageddon’, Democrats next argued that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) would only produce a ‘sugar high’ for the economy. With each successive quarter that their predictions have failed to materialize, they’ve only become more frustrated with the economy’s long-term prospects.

After Ms. Pelosi started talk about Armageddon, she quickly shifted to talking about the crumbs workers were getting:

It’s obvious that Democrats are deploying a multitude of lies to tell the American people that Trump’s policies are a failure. Admitting that President Trump’s policies are working simply won’t do. Admitting that they’re working would upset the Resistance. Pelosi and the Democrats are being held hostage by the Resistance movement. The Resistance Democrats don’t put America first. They put acquiring political power first.

In the end, Democrats will get hurt because they can’t admit the truth. That’ll hurt the Democrats’ credibility in an election cycle where voters are craving authenticity. Think back to how Fauxahontas got crucified for her grabbing a beer. The other thing that’ll hurt Democrats is the economy. It’s going strong, despite Krugman’s and Summers’ predictions. It isn’t going to slow down significantly before Election Day.

Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden’s campaign theme essentially calls them back to the supposedly good old days of the Obama administration. I can’t wait to watch President Trump and the RNC hit him with ads highlighting stagnant wage growth and stagnant economic growth during the Obama-Biden administration vs. the strong wage and GDP growth during President Trump’s administration.

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