Approximately a month ago, I started reading articles about how the Vikings were paying attention to NC State center Garrett Bradbury. As the draft approached, it became clear that offensive line was one of the positions that the Vikings were focusing on in the first round. (The other position group was defensive line.)

Thursday night, the Vikings got the man they wanted all along when they drafted Mr. Bradbury with the 18th pick in the NFL Entry Draft. The thing that jumped out at me with Bradbury was something Coach Zimmer said in his interview with Voice of the Vikings Paul Allen. With about a minute left in this interview, Coach Zimmer talked about a conversation he had with Defensive Line Coach Andre Patterson:

Patterson was watching tape of the trio of Clemson Tiger defensive linemen that were drafted in the top half of tonight’s first round. Patterson walked into Zimmer’s office and asked who this NC State center was that was standing up to Clemson’s D-Line. That pretty much cemented the Vikings’ attitude about drafting Bradbury.

It sounds like the Vikings will now move Pat Elflein, last year’s center, out to offensive guard, then plug in Bradbury at center for the next 10 years. I’m giving this pick an A- grade, partially because he’s the best interior lineman in the draft, partially because the Vikings upgrade 2 positions with a single pick.

Tune in to LFR on Saturday morning for more updates on the Vikings draft picks.

2 Responses to “Vikings get their (line)man”

  • Chad Q says:

    Not sure why you get excited about the Vikings anymore with how they continue to disappointed what fans they have left. With that said, they did the smartest thing they have done in years by drafting for what they have so badly needed for about 5 years. Now they should go out and get a QB so they can cut the $90 mil dollar dud loose when his guaranteed contract is up.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I’ve been a Vikings fan since 1967, when I was 11-years-old. They’re part of my DNA, just like the Twins are. I can’t walk away after all I’ve seen.

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