Last night, I had the privilege of being one of Minnesota bloggers that participated in a blogger conference call with Sen. Norm Coleman.

The first thing that Sen. Coleman mentioned was the House letting the Protect America Act lapse. He said in very strong terms that this was dangerous & inexcusable. According to Sen. Coleman, the biggest reason it lapsed was because of the trial attorneys. He said they’re holding it up with John Conyers’ help because they want to file big money lawsuits against the telecommunications companies. To say that Sen. Coleman was agitated by their inaction is slightly understating his reaction.

Sen. Coleman said that it was odd that Mike Ciresi & Al Franken hadn’t said a word about this important surveillance tool lapsing. Frankly, I’d think that the word appalling is more apt.

SIDENOTE: I suspect that Ciresi & Franken don’t want to go on the record with this because they can’t afford to say that they’re against aggressive surveillance techniques for fear that they’d drive sane thinking individuals away. Likewise,they can’t afford to say what they really think because it’s so far out of the mainstream.

Drew from Wright County Republican asked if the tragedy in Cottonwood had gotten Washington’s attention so that they’d do something about immigration.

Sen. Coleman first mentioned that he’d visited the area & was moved by what he saw there. The next thing he talked about was the need to break down silo’s that prevent the IRS from communicating with ICE. He said that the Social Security people have lists of people whose names don’t match their social security numbers. In fact, Sen. Coleman said that some SS #’s are used multiple times in different states.

He also clearly stated that employers getting caught willfully hiring illegal immigrants should be prosecuted, something that I wholeheartedly agree with.

I said that that sounded alot like the Gorelick Wall that prevented the CIA and other intelligence agencies from getting their intelligence into the hands of law enforcement agencies like the FBI. I then asked if he intended to put together legislation that would destroy these silo’s.

Sen. Coleman said that he’d already sat down with DHS Secretary Chertoff and Sens. Cornyn, Allard and several others to put together such a bill. I liked hearing that because that’s what leaders do.

I’d like to thank Sen. Coleman for sitting down with us. I’d also like to thank Tom Erickson & Davin Fischer for putting it together. I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity to talk with Sen. Coleman.

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2 Responses to “Blogger Conference Call Summary”

  • J. Ewing says:

    BINGO! What has gone by only mildly remarked is actually the crux of the problem, as I understand it. Some of those SS#’s are used DOZENS of times, but the important fact is that SSA knows where every one of these people work, and who they are. Of the 12 million supposed illegal aliens, NINE MILLION (that’s 75%) of them are known to the SSA, and SSA has informed the employer!

    By all means, tear down that wall and put up the fence!

  • Gary Gross says:

    J. Ewing said:
    By all means, tear down that wall and put up the fence! EXACTLY RIGHT!!!

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