For the better part of a few weeks, Democrats, starting with Jerry Nadler and Adam ‘Pencil-Neck’ Schiff, have insisted that Attorney General Barr must release the Mueller report without redactions. Democrats are betraying their civil libertarian instincts. I could show you Democrats, including Mr. Nadler, insisting that grand jury testimony be kept out of Ken Starr’s report but I won’t because that’s just a distraction to the substantive conversation that we need to have about why it’s imperative to keep that testimony out of the report.

A grand jury is impaneled to gather information. The prosecutor asks tons of witnesses what they’ve heard or observed. At a certain point, the prosecutor asks the grand jury to decide whether to indict a person of interest. If the grand jury decides that the prosecutor hasn’t presented enough evidence to even warrant a trial, much less get a conviction, that person’s identity shouldn’t be in any report. Period.

  • The witnesses in a grand jury proceeding aren’t cross-examined.
  • The grand jury only hears one side of the story — the prosecutor’s side.
  • Defense counsel can’t present witnesses or forensic evidence that might exonerate the target.

Where’s the fairness in that process? The grand jury process is integral to the investigatory process but revealing grand jury testimony is a mine field to say the least. People that aren’t indicted shouldn’t become part of a nationwide gossip factory. (If they’re indicted and stand trial, that’s a different story.)

Mr. Nadler isn’t interested in civil rights. He’s only interested in President Trump’s scalp. Now that the Mueller investigation has apparently come up dry, Mr. Nadler is thrashing around, praying he’ll find something.

That’s what happens when you put partisan politics ahead of common sense and patriotism. Democrats don’t wear the look of desperation well. Now that’s all they’ve got left.

PS- Nadler will get shot down if he appeals to get the grand jury material unsealed. Think of this as another desperate attempt by Democrats.

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