Ruben Navarrette has just written a column in which he accuses the Democratic Party as being the “Anti-Competition Party.” Far be it from me to argue, especially when he puts forth such a compelling arguments as this:

It’s true in education where Democrats, with their slavish devotion to teachers unions, oppose vouchers even for constituencies they pretend to champion such as minorities and the disadvantaged. Vouchers would force public schools into competition.

How’s a self-respecting conservative supposed to argue with that? I’ve argued that vouchers are exactly what’s needed to force true reform in public schools. Here’s another of Mr. Navarrette’s compelling arguments:

And it’s certainly true in the area of trade, where Democrats do the bidding of organized labor by fighting trade agreements and advocating protectionism. Trade, by its very nature, encourages competition by opening up markets across borders and seas.

Bill Clinton pushed hard for NAFTA. His party refused to join to any great extent, though some were brought along kicking and screaming. Today, there isn’t a chance that Hillary or Obama would push for NAFTA because they wouldn’t risk alienating the various unions because they rely on them for GOTV ‘volunteers’ and campaign contributions.

It’s time to retake the House & Senate so we can become free traders again. BTW, part of getting companies to not move to Mexico, India and other countries is to not overtax and overregulate them like we’re currently doing. God knows I’ve had my differences with John McCain but I strongly agreed with his declaration at CPAC that he’d cut the corporate tax from 35 percent to 25 percent.

Now is the time for people to step forward and get conservatives elected. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with the Anti-Competition Party’s policies. We can’t have that.

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