Yesterday, after AG Bill Barr testified, calmly, that spying did occur, Democrats started howling as if he’d said something controversial. I’m betting that the vast, vast, vast majority of LFR readers found that statement to be totally uncontroversial. Andy McCarthy certainly didn’t find it controversial:

In his testimony Wednesday before a Senate Appropriations Committee subcommittee, Attorney General William Barr made statements that were so clearly correct, they should be no more controversial than asserting that the sky is blue. The fact that they are causing consternation is what should alarm people.

What planet are these Democrats from? Better yet, what solar system were they brought in from? There’s no question that the FBI surveilled people within the Trump campaign. That isn’t questionable. At least, it wasn’t until someone set Nancy Pelosi’s hair on fire:

Ms. Pelosi said that she trusts Mueller but doesn’t trust Barr. That’s interesting since Barr and Mueller are working on the redactions together. At this point, my first reaction is to question Ms. Pelosi’s intellectual honesty. This week, Ms. Pelosi has insisted that she’s the arbiter of what’s un-American, unpatriotic, etc. How is a person who’s spent the past 40 years shuttling between San Francisco and Washington, DC (except for the occasional fundraiser at Harvey Weinstein’s place in New York or Los Angeles) qualified to determine who displays these qualities and who doesn’t?

Democrats that think that they’ll hold the House in 2020 don’t appreciate just how toxic Ms. Pelosi, AOC and Ilhan Omar are in Rust Belt Swing districts.

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