I’m not surprised that the DFL House wants to raise taxes again. After reading this article, though, I’m getting a bit upset that they think taxpayers are just their personal ATMs.

Republicans in the House better vote unanimously against these tax increases:

Democrats in the Minnesota House proposed a tax bill Monday that would raise $1.2 billion in new revenue, largely from big business. DFL leaders stressed that the money is needed for education, health care and other new spending plans. But Senate Republicans oppose the tax increases and are digging in for the fight ahead.

House Speaker Melissa Hortman, DFL-Brooklyn Park, said public schools have been underfunded due to Republican-backed tax policies, including recent federal changes, that she believes favor the rich. “Tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations have exploded income inequality, and our tax bill works to restore some fairness,” she said.

I’m sure there’s a polite way of putting this but I won’t say this politely. Thanks to the DFL’s tax policies, Minnesota is no longer competitive.

When Gov. Walz told us that the state of the state is strong, he lied through his teeth. That’s BS. People of all age and income groups are leaving Minnesota. They aren’t just leaving for retirement. They’re leaving because the DFL has run the state’s economy into the ground. Why would people start or expand businesses knowing that they’ll have targets painted on their backs virtually immediately?

This is the chief thief this time:

It’s time to fire her in 2020.

5 Responses to “The DFL thinks we’re ATMs?”

  • J. Ewing says:

    Just got a note from my DFL legislator, and I quote “The Minnesota Values Budget invests in all of us so our state can work better for everyone no matter where you live.” So, paying a lot more in taxes is GOOD for us? For ALL of us? Wow. I guess words mean nothing in the Delusional Fools & Loons Party.

  • Chad Q says:

    The people who actually pay taxes in the state need to pony up even more of our hard earned money so we can keep paying for those who don’t pay a dime.
    And since when have schools been under funded? There will never be enough money for the DFL to piss away on school’s. Science talks about getting pictures of the first blackhole. Hell we in MN have seen the blackhole of education for about 30 years.

  • Nick says:

    Minnesota doesn’t have anywhere near the taxes Illinois does. Here in Illinois, currently there’s a flat income tax rate. Also, they tax groceries and prescription drugs. IL is currently complete democrat control, and the Dems here want to put a progressive tax on the ballot and tax the people on the number of miles they drive each year. Add on top of that, numerous toll roads in the state. River Grove, a Chicago suburb has the highest sales tax in IL at 11%. The schools in IL are a mess, teachers can strike just about anytime they want and the property taxes keep going up every year. The average property tax for someone that owns a house in one of the Chicago Collar counties ranges between $4000-7000 per year. IL has been in debt since 2002 and they have a pension crisis. I believe it’s only a matter of time that state declares bankruptcy.

  • Nick says:

    Top Outbound States

    So, we know were Americans are moving to, but which states are they moving away from? Out of the 18 total outbound states, here are the top five that experienced the highest percentage of outbound moves:

    Hawaii (62 percent)
    New York (61.8 percent)
    Illinois (61.7 percent)
    South Dakota (60 percent)
    Wyoming (59.5 percent)


  • Chad Q says:

    MN is #5 in overall taxes while IL is #8 so we got you beat Nick. :(
    While IL may have complete democrat control, the GOP here in MN is about as bad as the democrats so having a split legislature is not as good as it seems. Either way, both states suck and it is only going to get worse because there’s nothing stopping them.

    Seems odd that people are moving out of SD and WY when those are 2 states that don’t have state income taxes. Maybe it’s a jobs thing but SD should be thriving right now.

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