If anyone has paid attention to the US House of Representatives this year, they’d know that the new Democrat majority has been a total clown-show. With immigration turning into a legitimate crisis, Nancy Pelosi has done her best to do nothing to fix this crisis.

Today on Outnumbered, airhead liberal radio talk show host Leslie Marshall gave a “shout-out to my Governor Gavin Newsom” for taking a trip to Guatemala to supposedly try and fix the problems in the Northern Triangle country. What a farce. We’ve (the US) been trying to fix various Central American nations seemingly forever. Bill Clinton once noted that doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. (Personally, I’d argue that it’s the definition of stupidity but…)

I’d further argue that the Newsom trip is a distraction from House Democrats doing nothing to fix immigration. They’ve done nothing to fix the problem. In fact, Democrats pushed through a bill funding DHS that made things infinitely worse. The appropriations bill contained language that prevents ICE from deporting criminal aliens if they show up with a minor.

That’s a cute way for Democrats to say that they’re for increased border security while making the border less secure. What voters need to know is that we must change the laws. People coming from Central America currently can’t be sent home if they come in ‘family units’. It doesn’t mean that they actually have to be families. They just have to say that they’re families.

Next, we need the law to make no distinction from illegal aliens from Mexico or from Central America. If they cross US-Mexico border, DHS should have the authority to immediately deport them. Period.

Finally, people who care about securing the border need to grow a spine. Democrats will accuse us of being racists. Coming from people who hate the US as currently configured by our Constitution and our laws, I find that rather rich. It’s time to tell Democrats — emphatically — that they’re fired and that their time in the majority sucked.

Progressive judges in the 9th Circus don’t help, either:

It’s time to stop this insanity. If you care about the Constitutional United States, you’d better be working your ass off to defeat idiots like Angie Craig and Dean Phillips.

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