If anyone thinks that Democrats are fit to lead this nation, they’re either stupid or lying to themselves. Jeffrey Toobin is a perfect example of progressive stupidity. Check this out:

Toobin is right that Kirstjen Nielsen was put in an impossible situation but not because of President Trump. Secretary Nielsen was put in an impossible situation because obstructionist Democrats, aka Resistance Democrats, refuse to fix America’s broken immigration laws. George Soros has dumped tons of money into the Democrats’ campaigns coffers to push his open borders agenda.

Democrats don’t care about keeping people across the nation safe. If they did, they would’ve written and passed immigration laws that would’ve fixed the laws that are currently broken. (Think about the asylum law and the appropriations bill that’s funding the Department of Homeland Security this fiscal year.)

That appropriations bill is the heart of the Democrats’ open border agenda. ICE agents have reported that they aren’t able to deport 3-time DUI felons who entered the US with a minor. That’s already happened. What’s also happened is that criminal aliens with convictions for smuggling drugs can’t be deported if they enter with a child.

These things are in the appropriations bill that Democrats shoved down our throats. How can anyone read these things, then think that Democrats are fit to lead? Only an idiot would think that.

Let’s be perfectly clear about this. Republicans better get together and clean out the ‘moderate’ Democrats that got elected to the House in 2018. They’re the ones that’ve given us these horrible laws.

PS- How can you be a moderate while voting for bills that permit criminal aliens to stay in the US if they just bring a child with them? That’s the definition of an open borders activist.

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  • These statements are flat out lies. The separation not only was done under DEMOCRAT Obama and the media totally ignored it under Obama. Democrat Obama did not have to deal with the enormous increase in people trying to get into the USA.

    A key question – how many of these children are used by non-parents? by criminals to get into the USA?

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