Until recently, Democrats only pretended to care about border security. When Jeh Johnson emphatically stated that we had a crisis, the argument shifted — kinda. Sunday morning, Maria Bartiromo interviewed ‘moderate’ Democrat Elissa Slotkin:

Let’s be clear. Democrats haven’t proposed serious legislation that would stop the border crisis. We’ve heard Democrats say that they’re serious about border security. That’s BS. Democrats haven’t written, much less pass, legislation that would change US asylum laws or other immigration laws that essentially lead to open borders. This segment of Steve Hilton’s Next Revolution is must viewing for anyone that’s serious about stopping illegal immigration:

Pay special attention to what Thomas Homan and Sara Carter say about the laws that Democrats have passed since retaking the majority in the House. That’s proof beyond all doubt about the Democrats’ unseriousness on border security.

Here’s a prediction. The next likely action ICE will take is to round up illegal immigrants who’ve had their first asylum trial. When that happens, I predict that Democrats will call President Trump and all other Republicans heartless. Next, they’ll insist that ‘this isn’t who we are’ as Americans. That’s progressive spin. It’s exactly who we are as a nation. Democrats don’t believe in enforcing laws. Republicans do, though not enough of them. (Think Chamber of Commerce as Republicans who don’t believe in the rule of law if it means cheaper labor for them.)

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  • Chad Q says:

    Neither side is serious about reforming immigration policy because if they were, the GOP would have done it 2 years ago and the dems 10 years ago when they had complete control. We are only being given lip service by the GOP as Trump seems to be the only person serious about anything.

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