Last week, Rep. Omar tweeted out another tweet questioning politicians allegiance to the United States. Later last week, the House passed a watered-down resolution condemning hate. This week, Democrats tried pretending that Rep. Omar’s statement wasn’t anti-Semitic:

Speaker Pelosi must think that we’re totally gullible if she thinks we’ll believe that crap. Pelosi is also trying to get people to believe that Rep. Omar’s statement about allegiance to foreign governments was just a comment about special interest groups.

Rep. Omar sent a letter to a judge asking for leniency for men trying to become ISIS terrorists. If Rep. Omar is questioning the allegiance of Americans who also support Israel, it’s only fitting that we can question her allegiance to the US while she supports leniency for ISIS.

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  • Chad Quigley says:

    If the MSM had done there job, I don’t think we would need to question this anti-Semite because she never would have been elected. Well then again it is CD-5. Glenn Beck has been digging up a lot of dirt on this despicable woman lately and maybe the MSM and even the democrats will start to take notice of her and the other foul-mouth anti-Semite from Michigan.

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