Based on the massive tax increases in Tim Walz’s budget, he intends to continue Gov. Dayton’s work of turning Minnesota into a cold California. Walz’s budget calls for a couple massive tax increases and a massive spending increase. It does nothing to make Minnesota a pro-growth state. The biggest ‘accomplishment’ of Gov. Walz’s budget is that it makes Minnesota less competitive.

Gov. Walz won’t admit it but he’s a dipstick. Look what he said about education:

The first priority of my budget is education. As a former teacher, I’ve seen firsthand the power of education to change a life. But as I travel around the state, I see how the quality of a student’s education is too often dependent on their race or ZIP code.

That’s BS. The biggest determinant is whether a student comes from a 2-parent family. If they don’t, their chances of getting a great education drop significantly.

Here’s another thing Gov. Walz said:

The third priority of my budget is community prosperity. Right now, whether from the urban North Side of Minneapolis or the rural town of Hallock, many families struggle to find child care for their kids, secure housing that’s affordable or even just make ends meet.

Our budget tackles these challenges head on. It expands access to the Child Care Assistance Program and increases the supply of quality child care in shortage areas. It increases rates of homeownership for households of color, expands workforce housing in greater Minnesota, and provides loans to help seniors stay in their homes. It reinstates state aid to cities and counties across Minnesota to help local governments in greater Minnesota improve public safety, streets, libraries, parks and housing.

I don’t doubt that it’s difficult finding affordable child care. However, the Walz-Flanagan budget does nothing to increase prosperity. Taking money out of people’s wallets to pay for other things isn’t the right way to build wealth. Imposing regulations is another way to prevent the creation of wealth.

In the first 2 months of the Walz-Flanagan administration, they’ve filed a lawsuit and proposed major tax increases. That’s how to prevent prosperity.

2 Responses to “One Uncompetitive Minnesota”

  • Rex Newman says:

    Governor Walz, spend a little time at a CD 4/5 gas station. You’ll see many doing $10 prepays, presumably unable to just “Fill’r up!”. And you think they have a spare dollar for your massive, regressive tax increase. And for what? Certainly not education, where money stubbornly refuses to buy happiness. Not child care, increasingly unavailable and unaffordable thanks to Mark Dayton’s war on providers, one Walz will not likely end. Jobs? His inexplicable pipeline decision that surprised many in his own party portends more stalling on mining as well, or anything else that might produce private sector jobs.

    The only winners will be new public sector employees in Walz’s significantly expanded budget.

  • Chad Q says:

    This budget, just like every other DFL budget says to the people “government knows best how to spend your money”. More money for a failing education system, more money for daycare so the government can indoctrinate the kiddies from the start, more money for housing for people who can’t afford a house, and the list goes on and on. The most frustrating is the gas tax because he keeps saying we can’t allow another 35W bridge collapse. The collapse didn’t happen because of poor maintenance or even the gusset plates, it was how the contractor decided to go about their work and the stopped traffic.

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