It’s pretty obvious that Ilhan Omar is a serious threat to national security. Last Friday, Rep. Omar called for completely defunding DHS:

Seriously? What type of idiot would suggest that? Perhaps the better question is ‘what type of anti-Semitic America-hating person would propose this’? Watch how Rep. Omar ran away from a CNN camera:

Ilhan Omar sits on the House Foreign Relations Committee, where she can spread her anti-Semitic policies. What the hell is Pelosi thinking? Is Pelosi intent on alienating Jews from Democrats?

Finally, Rep. Omar deserves to be officially criticized by the full House for her racist statements.

PS- Omar might be further out there than Maxine Waters. (I never thought I’d say that.)

One Response to “Ilhan Omar’s border insecurity plan”

  • Chad Q says:

    I’d like to criticize her but you can’t unless you live in her district because she makes you jump through 4 hoops to prove that you actually do live in the district. Way to much trouble to tell a rep she’s worse than her predecessor.

    This “not 1 dollar for DHS” is just about as dumb as the green new deal. While she and AOC are dumber than bags of hair, they need to be taken seriously because they have lots of followers who are just as dumb if not dumber.

    And as I said before, she is the poster child for not allowing asylum seekers entry into the US just because their home country is tough to live in.

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