The question that will determine next year’s House races is a simple one. Will Democrats finally stand up to Nancy Pelosi, especially on the border barrier? Throughout the campaign, we were told that Democrats had recruited a bunch of moderates to challenge Republicans. Thus far, we haven’t seen proof that they recruited moderates. Thus far, nobody has challenged Nancy Pelosi.

Thus far, Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn have voiced their opinions that they don’t object to funding President Trump’s wall. Thus far, they haven’t led a rebellion against Ms. Pelosi.

Byron York quotes a Republican this way:

“This is not a negotiation between Republicans and Democrats,” said one GOP lawmaker who is keeping close tabs on the process. “This is a negotiation between rank-and-file Democrats and Nancy Pelosi.”

Then there’s this:

“That is unmistakably true,” added a Republican who is taking part in the talks. “There are many reasonable voices within the Democratic conference who want to see a positive resolution here.” The speaker of the House’s “emboldened stance” — her decision to refuse to consider any funds for a border barrier — has been “very hurtful to the process,” the lawmaker added.

If so-called moderates won’t stand up to Ms. Pelosi, then they worthless.

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  • J. Ewing says:

    this seems insane to me, since as I see it trump holds all the cards. If Pelosi succeeds in blocking wall money, the government shuts down again for lack of funding. At that point Trump declares his national emergency and starts building the wall. Since he will do this in Texas, it will be upheld in the US District Court there (the fifth district, not the ninth where opponents might prevail).

    then Trump gets to go on television, blame Pelosi for the shutdown and demand that she fund the government and end the shutdown. Then he gets to blame her for not getting DACA and all of the other reforms that she could have had if she had negotiated for them. Right now it looks like a huge loss for Pelosi, unless she changes her tune quickly.

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