Back at it again. Let’s hope this turns out better.

3:19– The moment of truth is at hand. 91 ayes, 41 nays. They’ve overriden the veto. Minnesota’s economy will be hurt by this. A message to the spineless RINOs: Way to go. Thanks for selling us down the river.

3:14– Rep. Lieder is now telling the body that he’s just Marty making a stretch with his facts. What gall. Now he’s talking about the reforms in this bill. Reforms that aren’t there. PERIOD. Now he admits that there isn’t a need for reforms.

3:07– Marty’s fired up, talking about the DFL campaigning as fiscal moderates, then raising taxes by billions. He’s chastizing them for telling Minnesotans that this will provide property tax relief, saying that the county commissioners will gobble up the money for their ‘needs’.

3:00– Rep. Hortman, You talk about needing $1.7 for transportation. They aren’t needs. They’re wants. Why don’t you be straight with the voters? Rep. Emmer says that the DFL will have to answer to that this November.

2:49– Rep. Emmer is asking Rep. Olin if he “promised your constituents that you would raise taxes.” Rep. Olin said that he doesn’t recall the question being raised. Emmer pounces, saying “I guess it isn’t the high priority that your leadership says it is.” He’s now saying that “There’s no connection between the bridge collapse & this bill.” Now Rep. Emmer is talking about NWA moving to Georgia, citing their lower tax rates.

2:39– Tom Emmer talking. “We’ve been told that this is a jobs bill. We’ve been told that this is a property tax relief bill. It’s none of the above.” He’s now accusing Rep,. Hortman of not telling the truth. He’s taking on Tony Sertich, saying that “I’m sure that you’ll talk about 33,000 jobs being created & that you’ll omit that it was 1,100 in committee.”

2:11– Randy Demmer’s talking about a Christmas tree, about people adding things because this is an important bill. He’s saying that this is too full of too many things we don’t need. “Government spending creating jobs is like a dog chasing its tail.” EXACTLY RIGHT!!! “Is the government creating jobs how we got to be so prosperous?” AMEN RANDY!!! Preach it!!! “It’s time to take some ornaments off this Christmas tree.”

2:09– My apologies. Cindy’s liveblogging, too.

2:05– Rep. Demmer: Friday night, I didn’t hear anything about the transportation bill. “I didn’t hear anything Saturday night, either.” He said that he didn’t hear about it at church Sunday morning, either.

2:01– Rep. Westrom is really getting riled up, talking about Minnesota’s small businesses hurting & government threatening to take things away because businesses are getting behind. Thank you, Rep. Westrom. This is what we get with the DFL in control. Simply put, they’re heartless. They couldn’t care less about We The People.

1:53– Torrey Westrom is talking about the comprehensive list of the bill’s reforms: MnDOT will send a couple extra reports. He’s calling the DFL out, saying that this bill doesn’t have anything to do with reform. He’s calling the DFL for being an ‘increase taxes first’ party, a party that ignores reform. Now he’s talking about how the legislature doesn’t have the will to set priorities. He’s calling out Bernie Lieder for “talking about reforms when I joined that we still haven’t done a dozen years later.”

1:51– Rep. Hortman is back spinning the transportation bill as being balanced between metro & rural. That’s already been proven wrong by Rep. Holberg. What Rep. Hortman won’t talk about is how this isn’t balanced between the lobbyists’ requests & the people’s ability to pay for the hit they’ll take.

1:40– Bud Nornes speaking. He says that he went out for breakfast Sunday morning & that nobody at his table– there were 11 at his table– talked about transportation. He’s saying that “Maybe we’re making a bigger deal of this than it is with our citizens.” That’s consistent with other districts, too.

1:35– Rep. Olson is talking about the bill being ramrodded because the DFL knows that the budget forecast will restrict what they can do. “We can’t afford tax increases when we’re going into a recession.” AMEN TO THAT!!!

1:29– Rep. Wardlow is speaking. He’s talking about his Friday night. when he went out for dinner, constituents approached him & said they were supportive of him voting against the bill.

1:20– Jim Abeler is up. “Some days on a Sunday, it’s very quiet. This wasn’t that type of weekend.” Abeler is voting to override. Shame on him. He’s talking about an ugly process. That’s a pile of BS. It’s been a ramrod job by the House dictatorship. Then he says “This is not my career.” Let’s hope he’s a prophet. He needs to go.

1:17– Mark Buesgens: “This is a compromise between thieves. There isn’t a compromise between government & the people.” “There is no compromise in this bill.”

1:15– Rep. Hortman is defending the metro bike funding in this transportation bill. That’s a nonstarter.

1:11– Dan Severson: “This is probably the most important bill we can pass. This bill is not the right bill.” “I just got a call from a gentleman who travels to Rochester twice a week. This bill will cut into the few discretionary dollars he has left.” “This bill puts $4.3 million into the Great River project…This bill is full of pork.” “If you punch that green button, you’re telling the voters that you’re reaching into their wallets & leaving them with a few pennies.”

1:09– Steve Gottwalt: “This is not the best we can do.” We have a responsibility to go back & have real discussions with our side & with the governor.”

1:07– Communication from the Gov. Copy has been provided to each legislator. Rep. Lieder moves to reconsider the bill. “This is a safe roads bill.” This will put people back to work. “This bill will help plug the holes” that have grown over the years.

12:57– The House is called to order. They’re opening with a Psalm.

12:55– House Chamber is about half full. These folks aren’t punctual. I guess they’ve both got arms to twist.

12:45- Legislators are still filing in.

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