Doug Schoen’s op-ed sounds reasonable. Unfortunately, Schoen’s thinking is flawed. For instance, Schoen is wrong in saying “People are working without paychecks and key agencies have stopped functioning, all while President Trump and the Democrats remain in a standoff over his unrelenting demand for $5 billion to build a border wall. It is clear that his plan is not working. Even key Republicans are growing increasingly frustrated with his lack of will to compromise.”

What’s actually clear is that Speaker Pelosi isn’t willing to negotiate in good faith. For that matter, freshmen Democrats who ran on the promise that they’d never vote for Pelosi or who said that both parties needed new leadership have cheerfully followed Ms. Pelosi while keeping the government shut.

What’s actually happening is that President Trump has negotiated in good faith. He’s the only person who has put a detailed plan on the table. Further, when President Trump asked Ms. Pelosi if she’d provide any funding if he opened the government, Ms. Pelosi emphatically said she wouldn’t. That isn’t the path to good-faith compromise. Ms. Pelosi’s is the path to obstructionism.

Watch this video, then tell Ms. Pelosi that this isn’t a manufactured crisis:

As these Angel families get more air time, the tide will turn, if it hasn’t already. People will get assaulted with facts, which changes everything. When reality collides with spin, reality wins eventually.

If you live in the district of a freshman Democrat in a swing district, call them up. Tell them to stand up to Ms. Pelosi’s my-way-or-the-highway negotiating. It’s time to put a stop to Ms. Pelosi’s hostage-taking.

Beginning with his Oval Office address last week, President Trump and his administration have carefully orchestrated for the dialogue to be about a “national emergency” at the southern border, thus turning the entire political conversation to immigration and the need to build a wall. Will his plan work? It seems unlikely. But then again, his election was unlikely.

Schoen is wrong about Trump’s plan. The border wall will work when combined with the other changes he’s included in his plan. That’s because he’s spoken with Border Patrol agents. (Personally, I call them experts since they’re the ones working along the border.) Pelosi and Sen. Schumer are just a pair of blowhard politicians with a political axe to grind. If given the choice between trusting an expert or a blowhard politician, I’ll pick the expert every time.

If Schoen wants to trust blowhard politicians more than experts, that’s his problem. I won’t let him make it mine.

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