Let’s be blunt about something. Nancy Pelosi is a cold-hearted bitch who doesn’t care about the survivors who’ve lost loved ones to illegal immigrants. I quoted MaryAnn Mendoza in this post. During Hannity’s townhall meeting, he asked the Angel families if they’d like to say anything to Pelosi.

Mendoza replied “I would love the opportunity to stand in front of Nancy Pelosi, mother to mother, and look her in the eye, and say ‘which child of yours or grandchild of yours would you give up to support this agenda of yours, this horrendous lie. I called Nancy Pelosi’s office to request another meeting with her while I’m in DC and it was dead silence from her staffer. I said “This is Angel Mom MaryAnn Mendoza. I’d like to request a meeting face-to-face and mother-to-mother with Nancy Pelosi about this situation. Dead silence. The staffer said ‘no, I’ll put you through to her voice mail. You can leave her a message.”

What type of monster doesn’t accept that meeting? This mother lost a son to a drunk-driving illegal immigrant. The drunk-driving illegal immigrant had a blood alcohol content of .241 at the time he ran head-on into Mrs. Mendoza’s son. This wasn’t the first time this drunk-driving illegal immigrant had gotten arrested for drunk driving.

What’s nastiest is that Pelosi continually insists that this is a “manufactured crisis.” “Manufactured crisis”, my ass. It’s a very real crisis. It’s just that cold-hearted bitches like Pelosi refuse to admit that she’s wrong on the issue of immigration.

Unfortunately for Democrats, its’ getting increasingly likely that other Democrats will suffer as a result of Pelosi’s attitude:

Now, as the shutdown drags into Day 19, the frustration is starting to reach a tipping point for some who fear the prolonged stalemate could do real political damage in vulnerable Democratic districts.

“If I am getting comments and contact from my constituents expressing concern that the Democrats are not prioritizing security, then I think we can do better,” said freshman Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.).

That’s an understatement. If Pelosi doesn’t start negotiating in good faith — soon — she’ll soon be a single-term Speaker.

Here in Minnesota, Dean Phillips spoke often about the need for new leadership “on both sides of the aisle.” Thus far, he’s voted for Pelosi as Speaker, then has followed her like a little puppy. So much for being a leader wanting new leadership. Angie Craig hasn’t done that much. She’s just followed Pelosi’s orders to a T. She’s been the personification of a swamp creature.

These and other Democrats have a decision to make. Either they start representing their constituents instead of representing Nancy Pelosi or they can be sent into early forced retirement. These cowardly Democrats need to hear what Agnes Gibboney said near the end of this video:

Agnes said “This is not Trump’s wall. This is America’s wall. Amen to that, Agnes.

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