Friday night’s Hannity program was easily his best. As I told a friend, I’m not Mr. Hannity’s biggest fan. Still, I can’t deny the powerful impact Friday night’s townhall had on me. It’s important to know that each of the panelists is an Angel Parent. In fact, I’ve interviewed several of the Angel moms, including Agnes Gibboney, Sabine Durden and MaryAnn Mendoza. (I admit that this isn’t just another post for me because I’ve interviewed a number of these Angel moms.)

First, here’s the video to Hannity’s show:

Hannity focused initially on the Democrats’ chanting point of calling this border battle as a “manufactured crisis.” Pay special attention to the montages of Democrat politicians and their liberal parasites in the MSM/Agenda Media. In the final segment of the townhall meeting, MaryAnn Mendoza challenged Speaker Pelosi:

I would love the opportunity to stand in front of Nancy Pelosi, mother to mother, and look her in the eye, and say ‘which child of yours or grandchild of yours would you give up to support this agenda of yours, this horrendous lie.

Then Mendoza showed what a cold-hearted bitch Pelosi is:

I called Nancy Pelosi’s office to request another meeting with her while I’m in DC and it was dead silence from her staffer. I said “This is Angel Mom MaryAnn Mendoza. I’d like to request a meeting face-to-face and mother-to-mother with Nancy Pelosi about this situation. Dead silence. The staffer said ‘no, I’ll put you through to her voice mail. You can leave her a message.”

Only a cold-hearted bitch would do that to a mother who had lost a loved one. I hope Ms. Pelosi feels MaryAnn’s wrath sometime soon.

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