It’s apparent that Sherrod Brown’s understanding of Christianity is limited. In this op-ed, Sen. Brown quotes from the 25th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew:

As usual, President Donald Trump and far too many in Congress, self-professed Christians all, ignore the wisdom of Matthew 25: When did we ever see you hungry and not feed you? When did we ever see you sick and not help? The Lord answered, whenever you failed to do one of these things to someone who was being overlooked or ignored, that was me, you failed to do it for me.

Sen. Brown then continued to attempt to make his point, saying “This government shutdown is the latest example of how President Donald Trump has overlooked, ignored and betrayed American workers. Nearly 800,000 federal employees are going without a paycheck. President Trump said his shutdown has a “higher purpose than next week’s pay.” Tell that to the Transportation Security Administration agents I met in Cleveland, with children to feed and rent coming due.”

First, these workers are well-compensated. These families aren’t living paycheck-to-paycheck. Next, shame on politicians who use Scripture to win political fights. It’s time for Democrat politicians to stop misusing the Bible. The Bible was written to instruct us how to live Godly lives. It wasn’t written to help politicians win political fights.

They’re paid too little to begin with, often $12 or $15 an hour. Now thousands of these workers can’t work and aren’t getting paid, thanks to President Trump, and unlike direct government employees, they have no way of making up those lost hours and lost wages. Unless Congress acts, many of these workers won’t receive back pay when the government finally reopens. I’m working with my colleagues on legislation to fix that.

Sen. Brown knows that these workers will get back pay. President Trump, along with Republican senators like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, have stated that federal employees will get backpay. Sen. Brown is intentionally being deceptive.

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  • Gretchen L Leisen says:

    I am curious as to who the government workers are who are paid $10-$15 per hour?

    Meanwhile, the problem with Democrats is that they only use biblical verses to twist facts. Jesus called us to conversion of hearts as individuals. It is not up to the government to utilize funds for every poor person on the planet. Individuals are baptized; they sin; they are converted, etc. It is not surprising, however, that Democrats mischaracterize the Gospel. They see everything in terms of groups, ethnicities, etc. The concept of the individual has no place in their thinking. That is why Progressives are quick to make laws which interfere with individual freedoms like speech, religious faith, etc.. Only government and collectivism is important to them.

    Christianity makes Progressives uncomfortable as it demand a personal conversion. It has nothing to do with politics. Speaking with Democrats who claim to be Christian, they do not bat an eye about voting for pro-abortion candidates, anti-Christian politicians, etc. It becomes clear that they think salvation comes with belonging to a group of people who utilize taxpayer funds for welfare.

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