This afternoon, I got an email from the ultra-lefty organization Unidos. As left as the Democrats are drifting, Unidos is further left. In the email, they wrote “Today, we published an op-ed in the Washington Post that urges Congress to include a solution for DACA and TPS recipients when negotiating an end to the shutdown. Right now, the legal status of millions are in jeopardy after Trump decided to end both programs.”

They then continue, saying “For the good of our community and our country, we need a bipartisan compromise that will reopen the government, but also protect DREAMers and TPS holders. While Trump and his allies may have double-downed on the shutdown this week, the strategy isn’t sustainable. Millions of Americans have already been hurt by it, and it’s possible that every American will be affected before it ends. All this to promote a fabricated border crisis and a monument to bigotry.”

Let’s get serious a moment. The Schumer Shutdown was all about Sen. Schumer rejecting a compromise of funding for the wall in exchange for protection for DACA recipients. Then there’s this:

Trump and his allies need to recognize the reality that the government needs to reopen ASAP, that a wasteful, unnecessary and unpopular wall will never happen, and that they need to begin serious negotiations with the House of Representatives. Contact your representatives (202-224-3121) and tell them it’s time to end the shutdown. As much as we need a reality check about the border, we must also not miss this moment to finally protect our DREAMers and TPS communities once and for all.

Give me a break. First, the border crisis isn’t fake. It’s altogether too real for the Singh family and the families of other angel families. Next, calling the wall “a monument to bigotry” is intellectually dishonest. If someone told that to me face-to-face, I’d berate them verbally. Finally, watch this video of President Trump’s visit to McAllen, TX, today:

President Trump is right. This is just common sense. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. Not protecting Americans is the personification of being un-American. Period.

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