The Democrats are fighting a losing fight because they’re fighting for re-opening the government while President Trump fights for keeping people safe. That’s a fight any politician will win 99% of the time. People understand that walls work in providing security. Meanwhile, people that aren’t employed by the government generally don’t care if the government isn’t open because they don’t use government on a daily basis.

People definitely care whether the government protects them, though. That’s an expectation people have of their government. If the USDA or the EPA isn’t open, people will get over it because they don’t use those departments that often. While people don’t use ICE or the CBP each day, people rely on them to keep them safe each day.

As long as Democrats fight to re-open government and President Trump keeps fighting for beefing up the CBP or ICE, President Trump will win that fight each time. It gets more lopsided when Democrats trot out Ma & Pa Kettle to rebut President Trump’s fact-filled message:

Democrats dug this hole. Let’s see how much damage they do to themselves before this shutdown ends.

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