Chris Stirewalt’s latest opinion column makes me wonder if he gets paid. It’s that mindless.

Among his most mindless statements is where he states “Now, Trump is going to use his first-ever Oval Office address, the .44 Magnum in the presidential communications arsenal, to lay out this comprehensive plan. He will also, presumably, throw in some bar talk about invoking a national emergency to use extraordinary executive powers to get his way. The intent here is to get Pelosi on defense and cast her as unwilling to deal with a huge issue of major importance to most Americans. It’s not a format that suits the president, who struggles with scripted speeches, but if he can pull it off, could dramatically alter the political moment.”

Apparently, Mr. Stirewalt’s memory is pretty worthless. I recall the turning point of the 2016 presidential campaign. It happened when he started speaking from the teleprompter. This was mostly attributed to Kellyanne Conway.

Let’s remember that Stirewalt was the ‘analyst’ who said that Don Blankenship had the best night of the 3 candidates during the GOP debate. After the night, Blankenship finished a distant third in the primary:

It’s time to admit that Mr. Stirewalt isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

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