Day after day, Democrats lie to this nation. Most often, it’s Ms. Pelosi doing the lying. What’s worst is that their lies are putting Americans in danger. This morning, Thomas Homan, the former acting director of ICE, explained how the Democrats’ lies are putting Americans’ lives at risk during an interview on America’s Newsroom. Here’s that interview:

The best line from the interview came from Director Homan when he said “I’ll say, Nancy Pelosi, you need to love your country more than you hate this president.” Amen to that, Mr. Homan. That’s exactly right. I’ve written on LFR multiple times how Democrats say this or that about bipartisan bills that’ve passed but they never talk about GOP bills that fix the problem.

Tomorrow night, President Trump will address the nation from the White House. Then, this Thursday, he’s flying to the southern border to talk with border agents and to get another update on what’s needed.

This week is a make-or-break for Democrats. This week, President Trump will put an intelligent border security plan on the table. What’s most important, though, is that it will be region-specific. That’s because it came from border patrol agents. They know what assets are needed where. If Pelosi and Schumer keep yapping about ‘border security’ in vague terms and if Pelosi keeps talking about how fences are immoral, Democrats will be in trouble in 2020.

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