After watching Kimberley Strassel’s interview on Fox & Friends, the more convinced I am that we’ll see a government shutdown over President Trump’s wall. If/when that happens, expect the MSM to write tons of breathless stories explaining how Republicans are losing the shutdown fight. Republicans should ignore those stories because they can win a fight over the border wall as long as the caravans keep popping up.

The Democrats’ only hope on this is to muddy the subject up by talking about immigration. A shutdown will focus the people’s minds on the wall, though, because President Trump will talk constantly about funding the wall.

Since he’s got the biggest megaphone in the Western Hemisphere, he’ll dictate the agenda. Pundits will insist that Republicans always lose shutdown fights. Historically, that’s true. Then again, let’s not forget the #SchumerShutdown.

Why they’ve typically lost is another story. They’ve typically lost because the Democrat president had the biggest megaphone. With that not being the fact in this instance, the odds change.

It’s worth noting that most of the government is funded. The MSM won’t get away with stories about this or that department that helps widows and children closing until the evil Republicans fund them. Those types of departments are funded so those stories won’t appear.

Next, lots of people are experiencing the burden these asylum-seekers are causing. When they disappear into the US, they carry with them costs for health care, education, etc. The immigration activists don’t admit that but it’s a fact.

Don’t be surprised if President Trump puts on a full-court press on this one.

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