In his USA Today op-ed, Adam Schiff proves that a little paranoia goes a long ways. His op-ed is a litany of conjectures that can’t be verified.

For instance, he wrote “A national security adviser who could be subject to blackmail by Russia is nearly a worst case counterintelligence scenario. But this week, we learned that the potential for compromise was even more significant than we thought. Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to lying to the Intelligence Committee about his efforts on behalf of the Trump Organization to reach a deal and secure financing from a Russian bank under U.S. sanctions to build a Trump Tower Moscow.”

Is it Mr. Schiff’s contention that President Trump’s cancellation of his meeting with President Putin was just pageantry? Thus far, President Trump hasn’t shown any signs of being compromised. In fact, he’s shown the opposite. Later, Schiff wrote this:

Cohen stated in court that he made those false statements to be consistent with the president’s “political messaging,” namely Trump’s vociferous public denials of any business dealings with Russia. And in a recent sentencing memorandum, Cohen’s attorneys concede that he remained “in close and regular contact with the White House-based staff and legal counsel” to Trump in the weeks during which his false testimony to Congress was being prepared.

Cohen is a proven liar. There isn’t a reason why anyone should trust anything he says unless there’s corroboration. After 2 years of investigating, that verification hasn’t been found. While it’s possible that there’s something there, the odds of finding that something seem rather slim.

It’s fair, though, to say that Mr. Schiff loves the sound of his voice:

Now that’s an ego as big as the Grand Canyon. The only thing bigger than Mr. Schiff’s ego is his paranoia.

2 Responses to “Is Adam Schiff paranoid?”

  • eric z says:

    Saying Trump Tower was bugged was not paranoia?

    The money paid those ladies is fact, not fiction, not paranoia. Hard cash, six-figures. There is a money trail.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Saying that his campaign was surveilled would’ve been laughed at in 2016 but it was. If you want to get hung up on the specifics, whatever. The fact is that the Obama administration surveilled the Trump campaign. How would you feel if Bush was in the White House & he surveilled the Obama campaign? When it comes to civil rights, it shouldn’t be about whose ox is getting gored. If it’s illegal, which this was, then it’s illegal for all.

    As for paying off women for their silence of a non-crime, that isn’t a crime. It’s just unsavory.

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