Last Tuesday night, Keith Ellison was elected to replace Lori Swanson as Minnesota’s Attorney General. In this post, I wrote about Skip Humphrey and Walter Mondale’s op-ed endorsing Ellison for the AG position.

Prior to that op-ed, I’d thought of them as terrible on policy but somewhat of a family legacy. After that op-ed, I’m forced to admit that they’re just like most DFL politicians. They’re a pair of political hacks who put the DFL ahead of what’s best for Minnesotans. They’re a pair of losers, too.

Skip Humphrey’s biggest claim to fame isn’t that he’s Hubert Humphrey’s son. Skip Humphrey’s biggest claim to fame is that he’s the politician who finished last to this clown:

Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura defeated Norm Coleman but he thrashed Skip Humphrey. After that thrashing, Skip had gone into hiding. He would’ve been better off if he’d stayed out of the limelight.

Walter Mondale’s biggest claim to fame is that he’s the only politician who’s lost elections in all 50 states. In 1984, he lost 49 states in President Reagan’s re-election victory. Mondale won Minnesota’s 10 electoral votes and DC’s 3 electoral votes that year. President Reagan won the nation’s other 525 electoral votes. After Paul Wellstone’s tragic death in a plane crash in northern Minnesota, the DFL recruited Mondale to run against Norm Coleman. That’s when Mondale lost in Minnesota. BTW, everyone my age and older remembers this moment:

Those moment have been eclipsed by Skip Humphrey’s and Walter Mondale’s endorsement of a man who has frequently supported cop-killers. Keith Ellison is a low-life who isn’t qualified to be Minnesota’s AG. It’s quite telling that the DFL hasn’t shown any remorse for endorsing a man credibly accused of beating his ex-girlfriend and who has begged the Castro government not to release Assata Shakur back into US custody.

3 Responses to “Summarizing Keith Ellison’s victory”

  • Eric z says:

    Whine. Whine. Whine. It’s unbecoming. As if girding up for 2020 by further distancing the Never Trump embracing of days gone. Ellison won for many reasons, but the major thing is how bad Doug Wardlow stinks. Admit it. It’s so out there obvious that only a zealot would disagree.

  • Chad Q says:

    Can you name one reason other than the DFL would vote for a piece of shit if it had a D behind its name? With the election of the cop killing supporting, domestic abusing (allegedly), anti-Semite, the DFL party has shown who they really are. No reason to believe Ellison or any other progressive liberal stands for anything but themselves and the power they can obtain.

  • eric z says:

    Gary and Chad Q – If you guys really think Wardlow is that strong a personality do you think about the GOP running him against Tina in 2020? Not that I’d want to see that, with Trump again running to nail down your base, and Wardlow to cement it, but it would fit an overall GOP ticket. You guys don’t have John McCain to kick around anymore, but that combo, Trump national, Wardlow local, it would energize your base. Tina had a lightweight this time, and will likely not, 2020. Whoever it is. Who knows? At a bet, the GOP could run Jeff Johnson against Tina. He lost to Swanson, to Walz, and it’s a chance at a trifecta of second place. Who else have you got, in Minnesota? Ellison will simply solidify his holding the AG, as Swanson did after her first term. Jeff Johnson might chase that office again, he did not do too badly against Swanson. Pawlenty keeping a carpet bag packed? Or is he too liberal for “the base?” Yes, two years away, but who have you got?

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